[bitcoin-list] Bitcoin 0.2 released

From: Satoshi Nakamoto#24205662

[bitcoin-list] Bitcoin 0.2 released

Bitcoin 0.2 is here!

Download (Windows, and now Linux version available)

New Features

Martti Malmi
- Minimize to system tray option
- Autostart on boot option so you can keep it running in the
background automatically
- New options dialog layout for future expansion
- Setup program for Windows
- Linux version (tested on Ubuntu)
Satoshi Nakamoto
- Multi-processor support for coin generation
- Proxy support for use with TOR
- Fixed some slowdowns in the initial block download

We also have a new forum at

Many thanks to Martti (sirius-m) for all his development work, and to
New Liberty Standard for his help with testing the Linux version.

Satoshi Nakamoto