Re: URI-scheme for bitcoin

2010-07-18 16:06:16 UTC - Original Post - View in Thread
I think you're misunderstanding the issue. My browser will always be able to go to (barring some strange IE settings or a virus). If I type the address into the URL bar or click a link, it will work fine. However, it isn't possible to use Javascript to complete POST requests between domains (or ports on the same domain).
That's what I thought too.

Yeah, I meant to say that cross-domain javascript calls are forbidden, so you can't call from a javascript that doesn't reside in Come to think of it, it would be quite funny if browsers allowed malicious cross-domain javascript to change people's Facebook pages etc.
Now I'm hearing a report that it IS possible for javascript to do a cross-domain POST request to  Not other domains, but just specifically to that one.  Great...

If this is the case, then do not use the -server switch or bitcoind on a system where you do web browsing.

I'll get started on adding the password field.