Re: JSON-RPC Multiple Invocations

2010-07-24 00:59:08 UTC - Original Post - View in Thread
Obviously it's a bug that it repeats the header.

I was trying to follow the 1.0 spec:   It called for multiple invocation.

I think they mean it's like this, but I'm not sure:

{"method": "postMessage", "params": ["Hello all!"], "id": 99}
{"method": "postMessage", "params": ["I have a question:"], "id": 101}

{"result": 1, "error": null, "id": 99}
{"result": 1, "error": null, "id": 101}

I can't remember where I think I saw that it's supposed to send back HTTP status 500 for an error reply.  If it contains multiple responses and one is an error, I wonder if that makes the status 500 for the whole thing, I guess so.  Maybe it should always return 200.  I think someone sounded like the 500 might be causing a problem.

This probably gets fixed after 0.3.3.  Until then, just use single invocation.  I wonder if any JSON-RPC package even supports multiple invocation, probably not.

It would be nice if we could pin down better how multiple-invocation is supposed to work, if at all, before trying to fix it, and whether returning HTTP status 500 for error response is right.