Re: Version 0.3.13, please upgrade

Could a few people please run this special build?  It'll amnesty the dust spam transactions, which will clear up the 0/unconfirmed problem for now.  We really just need one block letting them through to clear up the previous transactions.  Post if you generate a block with this.

These are binaries only.  The linux version is 64-bit only.

SHA1 fb7c66270281ed058c570627cf7baff0bdc16e5d
SHA1 9fc44ea5f2109618073e2cfd887e2cc266eb31a9 bitcoin-

The linux 64-bit version includes a change to the cpuid 4-way 128-bit SSE2 autodetect for AMD in 64-bit mode, if you'd like to test that and see if that's better.