UI improvements

Uploaded some UI changes to SVN as version 0.2.5.

Instead of View->Show Generated, we now have tabs:
- All Transactions
- Sent/Received
- Sent
- Received

Makes it a lot easier to flip to received and check for payments.

Moved the "Your Addresses" book inside the main address book.  It was confusing having two address books.

I found the "To:" in "From: unknown, To: (one of your bitcoin addresses)" still confusing, so I changed it to "From: unknown, Received with:".  The bitcoin address is abbreviated so you can see the label that you set in the Receiving tab of the address book.

Fixed a few UI glitches from the upgrade to wxWidgets 2.9.0.

I haven't forgotten about you people who want non-UI, but I had to do some fun stuff before more build bashing.