Version update for Linux 64-bit

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When we switched to Crypto++ 5.6.0 SHA-256 in version 0.3.6, generation got broken on the Linux 64-bit build.  Version is on SourceForge with the 64-bit binary updated.


Future versions after 0.3.8 will probably require SSE2.  Anyone have Pentium 3 or older where this would be a problem?
That's a good point, I believe you could run with generation off if you don't have SSE2.

How about add to the top of cryptopp/config.h:

#if !defined(_M_X64) && !defined(__x86_64__)

that would disable SSE2 for 32-bit builds.  (at least with GCC or MSVC)
SVN rev 128: disable SSE2 on 32-bit.  This may only disable it for MSVC and GCC.  Other compilers might have different 64-bit defines.