Need a post writing up some things users should know

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I'm not sure what to call it, but we could use a post that lists these things users should know.  If someone has time to write it, here's the list:

- Make sure your clock is set correctly.

- Microsoft Security Essentials.  This never got written up proper.

- Warning not to mess around with your wallet.dat file.  It's a database file, it's not as simple as you think.  In this Beta version, we haven't had time to try and tinker-proof it yet.  It may not work as expected if you start swapping it around.

The clock part will be covered in the next release (0.3.11 or higher).  SVN rev 141 pops up a message box if your clock is too far off.
Any backup process/procedure would just be a stopgap until there's time to properly work on coding solutions in software.  We can try to use words to help the situation until code gets there.

The main backup improvement will be pre-made pool of keys, and a rescan at load to scrape missed transactions from the block history.  Then a backup will last forward for a long time.