Version 0.3.12

Version 0.3.12

Version 0.3.12 is now available.

- json-rpc errors return a more standard error object. (thanks to Gavin Andresen)
- json-rpc command line returns exit codes.
- json-rpc "backupwallet" command.
- Recovers and continues if an exception is caused by a message you received.  Other nodes shouldn't be able to cause an exception, and it hasn't happened before, but if a way is found to cause an exception, this would keep it from being used to stop network nodes.

If you have json-rpc code that checks the contents of the error string, you need to change it to expect error objects of the form {"code":<number>,"message":<string>}, which is the standard.  See this thread:


Re: Version 0.3.12

What does the prohibition of "nonstandard" transactions do?

// Rather not work on nonstandard transactions
if (GetSigOpCount() > 2 || ::GetSerializeSize(*this, SER_NETWORK) < 100)
  return error("AcceptToMemoryPool() : nonstandard transaction");
What is included in "GetSigOpCount", and what does "GetSerializeSize" measure?

This is "lightly" enforced by the network:
// Check that it's not full of nonstandard transactions
if (nHeight > 79400 && GetSigOpCount() > MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS)
  return error("AcceptBlock() : too many nonstandard transactions");

Re: Version 0.3.12

Bitcoin clients currently only create and recognize transactions that match two possible templates. 

Those are some quick tests that loosely check if transactions fit some general metrics that those standard transactions fit.  Nodes will only work on adding those transactions to their block.

In the future, if we add more templates to the existing 2 types of transactions, we can change the "rather not work on nonstandard transactions" test to accept them.