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Everyone open your graphics editor and make a "we accept Bitcoin" logo. A good looking logo (preferably better than mine Tongue) would be really useful.

My first version attached.
I took a shot. Small, clean "btc accepted" sign. See attached file.
Everyone open your graphics editor and make a "we accept Bitcoin" logo. A good looking logo (preferably better than mine Tongue) would be really useful.

Is there a high-res bitcoin logo? Or a vector-image?
No, sorry.  I've been meaning to redo it.  The largest icon that still looks good is the 20x20 one which is used for the tray icon in GNOME.  Any larger than that looks bad.  The 16x16 and 20x20 ones have quite a bit of hand tweaking to get the pixels to work out right.  If you just scale down a larger image, the pixels end up blurred and awkward in places where the lines in "BC" don't land square on a pixel.

The best 16x16 with full alpha channel is in src/rc/bitcoin.ico.  I don't like the 32x32 version.

I'm attaching bitcoin20x20.png, the 20x20 version with full transparency.
This one is inspired on the PayPal, secure payments logo.
A simple "we accept Bitcoin" image.
Thank you for these sirius-m, giik and all future contributors. I might have ago at producing a logo myself.

Is this a logo contest ? How many Bitcoins for the Winner ? Grin

Perhaps anyone who adopts a contributors logo for their website might consider a Bitcoin donation to it's creator(s) ! Cool
A bitcoin image in the shape of a credit card. Inspired by the account payment page.
I attempt a contribution:

EDIT) This is old version. Design has been updated.

Image original is saved as proprietary vector format, can be resized without loss of quality. Bitcoin graphic had to be remade by myself as vector. I will accept and may implement suggestions.
Quality and fantastic Sabunir ! I really like them.


(1) The background 'fade' effect somewhat detracts from the text in the smaller versions of the logo. Almost making it unreadable (tricky one as I realize it's taken from the website header)

(2) Maybe a mention of 'P2P'. Maybe not...

(3) Embossed blue / dark blue outline ?

I'd be happy to pay to use the logo's (I have already sent giik a token 100BTC donation) Grin
Good ideas. Updated:

These may be used freely by all, but I will graciously accept donations: 1BHtsCnpmTvpgJEP7eMKEVhpJFunxSM8vq

EDIT) Added smaller versions, inspired by Ensayia's submission.

Took a crack at a very basic low-profile icon.


Let me try that again...

I like these a lot better!
Am I to understand that these graphics are public domain?
In what way, madhatter2?

As in you can take them and use them wherever? For mine I don't care, use it how you like, just try to give credit if possible.
Public domain? No. My images are Copyleft, to myself (satoshi or any other Bitcoin developers can have the rights to these images, upon request). In practice, Copyleft works almost the same as public domain. You are completely free to use, share, or modify my images. If you do, please consider listing me in your credits or donating an amount of coins to me, but this isn't required.
Thanks, these are getting to look good.
wow ! Yeah looking really good Cool

As well as GNU GPL why not attach a Creative Commons License to them. You can reference the project address and request a Bitcoin donation for their reproduction. Smiley
I am not that picky. Growth of the Bitcoin network and promoting more widespread usage is sufficient reward to me.
If you GPL stuff, I have to avoid using it.  Nothing against GPL per-se, but Bitcoin is an MIT license project.  Anything GPL please clearly mark it as such.