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Thank you for the offer to help translate.  That is probably the best way you could help.

I will need to prepare the code for translation first.  wxWidgets has locale support, and most strings are in generated code that is already wrapped, so it shouldn't be too hard.  We also must finish upgrading to wxWidgets-2.9.0 to get UTF-8 support.  I've done test builds with 2.9.0 and there is one bug left to fix.

What operating system are you using?  Windows, Linux 32-bit or 64 bit?

Split from another thread.
It's much easier to have a single binary and multiple .mo files.  It's too much maintenance work to have lots of build variations.  Once the software support is implemented, anyone could contribute translations.

wxWidgets uses the gettext standard.  You use the gettext tools or something like poedit to create a .po file by scanning the sourcefiles for strings and editing the translations into the .po file, then compile it into a .mo file.  The program loads the .mo file at runtime and reskins all the strings.  Additional languages can be added to an existing program by adding .mo files without recompiling the program.

On Windows, the .mo files would go in a lang subdirectory in the directory where the EXE is located.

Right now I'm working on JSON-RPC and command line support, but when I'm finished with that I hope to do this next.
I updated the SVN with changes to support translation.  Translatable strings are all enclosed in _(""), and we're using UTF-8 on all platforms.

When the program runs, it looks in the directory of the EXE for the file: locale\<langcode>\

<langcode> is the two letter code of the language your OS is set to, like "de" or "nl".

On Linux, it also looks for:
(are there other standard places it should look on linux?)

Here's a quick walkthrough using poedit to make a .po and .mo file:

- Download the bitcoin sourcecode from SVN
- In the trunk directory, mkdir locale\<lang>\LC_MESSAGES
- In poedit, File->New catalog->Paths tab
- Click the "New item" dotted rectangle button
- Put "../../.." and MAKE SURE TO PRESS ENTER to add the path
- Click OK
- Save the file as "bitcoin.po" in the LC_MESSAGES directory you made
- It should then scan the sourcecode and find about 170 strings
- If it didn't find anything, check Catalog->Settings->Path tab, make sure the "../../.." was added

When you're done translating, commit both bitcoin.po (the editable catalog file) and (compiled data used by the program).