new binary release?

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That's true. It is getting to be time for a new release. Maybe Laszlo's performance patch will make it into the svn too?
Please note that I'm not the Bitcoin author - if you don't trust me then don't use these.  I have written instructions that should get you started if you want to build your own (look around at my other posts).

Some unofficial builds that I created:

Mac OS X, Linux (64 bit) and Win32 builds available

This includes a tiny patch I added to show how many hashes per second are being processed.  A picture of the hash counter is attached.

If you want the patch so you can build it yourself it is available here:

Thank you very much! Cheesy
I'm trying to generate coin with your windows build, and it seems that it doesn't work at all.
It was working with the official exe.

Is there a bug somewhere on official code?
Joozero, what is the problem with it?  I use that binary myself and it works for me.
I doesn't generate coins anymore.
Anyway it could be a problem with windows 7 x64, even if the latest one was working.

I know that there is a lot of math and we have to be luck, it is just strange Smiley

I'll wait some more ...
Joozero I'm sorry if it doesn't work for you..  I noticed that the performance with the windows client seems slower than the other two I built.. I'm not sure if this is because of a mistake I made or something I overlooked in the code but I will take another look and let you know if I find anything.  Maybe there is something else wrong with it besides just the performance..
Thanks laszlo..
Also any chance of a 32-bit build?
32 bit linux?  Yea I can do that.
I'm working on getting version 0.3 released as soon as I can.  Just a last few things left to do.  It's been a long time since 0.2 and we need to get a prebuilt bitcoind with command line and JSON-RPC available.  This time we'll have both 32-bit and 64-bit linux binaries, and Laszlo is going to build a Mac OSX release.  Plus, we'll include the German, Dutch and Italian translations by DataWraith, Xunie and Joozero (thanks you guys!).