bitcoin 0.3 win64 - broken access to APPDATA if non-latin characters in username

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I know it's not the smartest move to name my user account using non-latin characters. Anyway, 0.2 has no problems with this.

Verified as follows... created a 'normal' new user and 0.3 opened the data folder. Created new, fresh data folder and copied it to the non-standard user - 0.3 fails with DB_RUN_RECOVERY.
Thanks for finding that.  We switched from ANSI in 0.2 to UTF-8 in version 0.3, so it must be related to that.

Just to confirm, if you log in with the non-latin character username, not having an appdata/Bitcoin directory yet, and run Bitcoin and let it create the database from scratch, does it work or not?
I think I see where the problem is.  Coincidentally, I recently coded a replacement for the function in question which should fix it.  It's not enabled yet, but in the SVN version it prints a debug message in debug.log showing the new directory value and old value for comparison.
I tested this with a non-lower-ASCII account name on XP and confirmed the bug, then tested that the new GetDefaultDataDir fixed it.  This change is revision 102 of the SVN.