Re: *** ALERT *** Upgrade to 0.3.6 ASAP!

2010-07-29 23:12:12 UTC - Original Post - View in Thread
On Debian testing 32-bit, I get a few build errors, all resembling:
script.cpp:114: error: \u0091OP_NOP1\u0092 was not declared in this scope
I got these when attempting to "make bitcoind" without "make clean" or "make" first. It looks like the bitcoind build instructions don't compile the headers first, but they also don't delete the headers.h.gch, so the old headers are used if present.

If anyone else gets this error, the simplest solution is to "make clean" and retry the build.
We don't really need pre-compiled header.  It only makes it compile slightly faster.  I think I'll just get rid of it.  Even still, you'd still need to remember to "make -f makefile.unix clean" or delete headers.h.gch one more time to get rid of the leftover file.

Damn that GLIBC_2.11.  I thought I'd been careful not to accept any of the updates.