Bitcoin 0.3.1 released

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This is a bugfix maintenance release.  It is now uploaded to SourceForge.  Mac OS X didn't need any fixes so we don't really need to update it, 0.3.0 is still good.

The download links are on

- Added Portuguese translation by Tiago Faria
- Fix for 22DbRunRecoveryException if your username has non-ascii characters in it
- Laszlo's fix for lowering generate thread to lowest priority
- Fix for if you're having trouble with libcrypto linkage
- Gavin Andresen's implementation of "start on windowing system startup" option
Well, it can't hurt to do a backup and it's a good idea to backup regularly, but no, a backup is not required before installing this.

I don't think you have a particular problem, I think your system is laggy because you're running a lot of things at once and hitting the pagefile because memory is full.  You confirmed when you shut off generation that your CPU drops to 0%, so the CPU usage is definitely all idle priority.  There's nothing in the 0.3.1 that would affect these things.
On Windows, the priority of the Coin Generation is still net for normal. If you run BitCoin in Generate Coin mode, then load up something to eat up all the CPU (like CPU hog for example: you'll see that both BitCoin and CPU hog share the CPU 50/50 instead of CPU Hog taking all the CPU and BitCoin running only on idle/low process. The khash/s is also reduced in half, so further evidence that the threads are not running in a lower than normal prioirty.
I was not able to reproduce this.  I have dual-proc, so I ran two memory hogs.  Bitcoin got 0% of CPU according to the task manager.  The khash/sec meter stayed stuck because it couldn't get any CPU to update it.

Do you have dual-proc?  Are you sure you weren't running a single processor hog?
On the Linux client (64 bit), the "minimize on close" will still minimize to tray (causing X server hang after a short while by spawning multiple tray icons).
I updated the first post with a link to rc2 for linux with the fix for this.  Please check that this is fixed for you.  Thanks!
The listreceivedbyaddress and getreceivedbyaddress commands are duplicated in bincoind help. (Same in 0.3.0.)
Yes a bug.  It'll have to be fixed in the next version.
I don't see either happening, although it did get put into the "Startup" folder.  That is so Windows 95ish (just kidding..... Microsoft has so screwed this up that it isn't even funny).  I would recommend the registry settings for a number of reasons including the fact that most software puts the startup in that location, even though I personally find the startup folder to be more attractive and how most software on Windows should behave.
It could go either way.  The Startup folder has the advantage that the end user can see it and manually remove it with the regular UI (not regedit) if they already blew away the Bitcoin directory and its uninstaller.  Bitcoin will not relentlessly keep re-adding it if you delete it manually.

OpenOffice is another example of something that puts its link in the Startup folder.
Run it with the undocumented switch -minimizetotray and the option is available in the options menu.

I don't know how to fix it.  It's something wrong deep inside wxWidgets or GTK or Gnome.
Because of all the dependencies that different systems don't have.  It's easier to just static link what we can.  It doesn't increase the size by very much.
Good point.  If you're going to have more than 8 LAN nodes connect to one gateway node, then you'd better have the gateway node set up so it can receive incoming connections.  Otherwise, while the gateway node has 8 or more connections, it will not try to add any more outbound connections.  As the outside nodes you're connected to come and go, it doesn't make new outbound connections to replace them.  You'll be fine if you can accept incoming connections, then there will be plenty of others connecting to you.
I uploaded windows 0.3.1 rc1 and linux 0.3.1 rc2 to SourceForge and updated the links on the homepage.

You don't need to update to 0.3.1 unless you had one of the problems listed in the first post.  If you've got it working already, stay with 0.3.0.