Did block generation crawl to a halt?

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Say, the last 6 hours? They seem few and far between, maybe just a couple per hour? Confirmations are taking a long time. Did the super node take his computers offline?

That says the last block was found over 50 minutes ago.

Maybe he pushed the difficulty level so high it will take a bit for the remaining nodes to generate?Apparently his supernode was doing the majority of the generating at one point.I would be interested if he posts on the forum or someone gets in contact with him how his experiment went?

How often does the difficulty get adjusted?
The difficulty gets reevaluated and adjusted every 2016 blocks.
I created a realtime graph of the current block generation speed here;
MacRohard: Cool graph. It would be nice if it should time on the x axis and number of blocks on the y
Nice graph!  A moving average to smooth it out would be nice. says 212 blocks in the last 24 hours, or 8.8 per hour.