Won't let me send coins because it requires a transaction fee?

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What version is the one where this happened?  Release build, or built it yourself?  Which operating system? 

Were you sending by IP or by Bitcoin Address?

When you sent 49.99, did it prompt you to pay a 0.01 fee?

There was a change in GetMinFee, but I can't see how it would cause this.  It only starts to apply when a block gets huge.

The reason for the difference in block number is the number displayed was reduced by 1 in 0.3.11 because it made more sense that way.
I think I know what happened.  Doubleclick on the generated transaction.  It probably has a sub-0.01 transaction fee in it.

Someone has been paying a 0.00000010 transaction fee.  I don't think you can even set that with -paytxfee, I think you'd have to modify the code to do it.  Your generated block is worth 50.00000010, so when you try to send the whole thing you have 0.00000010 left over for the change, which triggers the dust spam 0.01 fee.

It would normally be harmless except in this corner case.  I should add a special case to CreateTransaction to handle this.
The fix is in SVN rev 151.

You will be able to send your stuck 0.01 (actually 0.01000010) when you next upgrade.