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Request: Make this anonymous?
Posted:Thu 15 of Oct, 2009 (19:58 UTC)

Are there any plans to make this service anonymous?

e.g; Being able to route BitCoin through Tor.
There will be a proxy setting in version 0.2 so you can connect through TOR.  I've done a careful scrub to make sure it doesn't use DNS or do anything that would leak your IP while in proxy mode.
When you send to a bitcoin address, you don't connect to the recipient.  You send the transaction to the network the same way you relay transactions.  There's no distinction between a transaction you originated and one you received from another node that you're relaying in a broadcast.  With a very small network though, someone might still figure it out by process of elimination.  It'll be better when the network is larger.

If you send by IP, the recipient sees you because you connect to their IP.  You could use TOR to mask that.

You could use TOR if you don't want anyone to know you're even using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is still very new and has not been independently analysed.  If you're serious about privacy, TOR is an advisable precaution.
True, sending by IP through Tor trades one problem for another.  The Tor exit node can see the text of your message and potentially MITM you.

Best to only send to bitcoin addresses then.  Payments by bitcoin address are broadcast over the network as part of the normal network traffic.  All communications with the network are broadcasts of public information.