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Just got started with bitcoin.  I followed the directions.  Forwarded the port.  Had quite a few connections up to 40 at one time.  I wake up this morning and I see I have 12 connections.   ANd five errors saying this bitcoin was generated but not received by any other nodes.  I gave bitcoin access through the firewall and allowed an exception.  I am running Windows 7 64 bit.  Any ideas?

Does it really say, that the bitcoins could not get received or does it say the transaction is still unconfirmed ?

Don't worry about the second case, it just means that the bitcoins have to get confirmed by the other nodes.
This happened after 120 blocks in the old bitcoin version (0.2). I`m not sure about the amount of block on 0.3.

If they really couldn't get received I can't give you an advice, this is above my knowledge, but I'm sure the other forum members are able to help you with that Smiley
Well I restarted the computer and the logs are now cleared.  My connection count is low at the moment.  I have 11 connections.  About an hour after I installed it yesterday I had around 40 connections.  I am not sure what is happening.  I wonder if my isp is blocking the traffic.  If it looks like bittorrent traffic they may be blocking it.  I am so fed up with isp thinking they can control what I do on the internet.
It is normal for some blocks not to be accepted.  One connection is enough, the others are just redundant.  The client will make 8 outbound connections but will accept all inbound connections (on port 8333).

The blocks are generated in sequence so if two nodes happen to generate at almost the same time there will be a collision and one or the other will win.  If the current block count is 5000 and your node finds a suitable block 5001, but meanwhile some other node already created a 5001 and your node just didn't know because it's on a laggy connection possibly, your block won't be valid and you have to start searching for 5002.  I think this is explained in the pdfs, I'm not sure.

Are you seeing a lot of these happen or was it just one?
Sorry I misread, it's possible that you just weren't connected properly and it couldn't broadcast a transaction, what was the exact wording of the message?  Can you include a screen shot?  I might have been describing a different problem than you were having especially if it cleared up after restarting..
It had 5 in a row... saying Warning: This block was not received by any other nodes.   I did not get a screen shot I should have though.  I will keep an eye on it.  If it happens again I will get the SS and post it in this thread.  I am concerned though if this app generates bittorrent type traffic my isp may be interfering with it.
You could try using tor maybe and see if that works better, though it will increase your latency even more.
This kind of error has only happened to me once, but I'm on a low latency connection at my Uni. Typically it occurs, like Laszlo said, when another node solves the next block and you don't receive it before you transmit your own connection.

It could be due to a whole number of things, but a bad internet connection is probably the first thing to look at.
Since it's happening so frequently (you shouldn't get more than two generations per day normally with the current difficulty), you probably haven't downloaded the entire block chain. There are 66145 blocks as I write this; how many do you have (lower right in BitCoin's UI)?

If you're running Microsoft Security Essentials, you need to add BitCoin as an exception for blocks to be downloaded at a reasonable speed.
My friend got the same error. He has about 1600 khash/s, 48 connections, but only 3 blocks.
I am at the moment at  1046 khash/s   12 connections  66331 blocks.   I am on 10mb Newwave cable in west kentucky.  My internet is very fast pretty much all the time.   I average good speeds.   Still waiting to see if I get those errors again.
Basically anything that's generated while the node doesn't have all the blocks just ends up being rejected because it would fall in the middle of the block chain not at the end (but your node thought it was at the end because it didn't know there were a lot more blocks).  The blocks are small but it takes a while for your computer to validate each one so that's why the initial download takes a while.  I'm not exactly sure why it's taking so long for some people, maybe it's because the database is flushed to disk constantly and some kind of antivirus is scanning every file write, but it takes about 10 minutes for me to get it all back if I remove my data directory.
The only antivirus I use is  Microsoft security essentials.  I don't know if that is any help.  I am running  a Core2Duo 3ghz  with 2gb of ram on Windows 7 64bit.  Just a few of my stats.
Would be interesting to see if you get better results without it - someone else reported trouble with that until they added an exception for the %APPDATA%/Bitcoin directory.
I did add an exception for it as I noticed someone else had in the forum.
Make sure you add bitcoin.exe to the "Excluded processes" list, not only files for scanning.

See this thread:

I submitted bitcoin to the MS Security Essentials developers back then with explanation of the problem. They responded they would check the performance concerns, but I don't know what they've made of it.
Okay I am not sure if I should add this here.  But It has been a bit over three days since I installed and have had bitcoin running 24hrs a day.  The first day in under 15hours it had generated some progress and sent out the 5 failed transactions. Now it has been approximately 72 hours.  There has been no activity at all.  My client reports that it is working on the current block as noted by the page someone here setup to show the length of the current computations.  Is this common can it take days and weeks to generate even one bitcoin.  I am not a programmer at all. I read the whitepaper and other stuff but much of it just evades me.
u can't generate just 1coin,
u'll get 50coins for completing 1block, or you dont get them if someone else was quicker.

a few days ago i was able to generate 50coins in less than a day, but the difficulty to create a block tripled since slashdot and so did the time to generate coins.

so yes, its pretty usual to take "forever" to generate a coin, at least expect it to take a few days, to get your first 50coins,
depending on how much cpu-power u'v got to spare.
Microsoft Security Essentials Live Protection is blocking your communication with the network.  You have connections, which tricks Bitcoin into thinking it's connected, but they are silent because the data is being blocked.

You need to make bitcoin.exe an excluded process in Live Protection.

This is becoming a common problem.  Someone should write this up in a pegged thread.

The message "Warning: This block was not received by any other nodes" occurs when Bitcoin broadcasts a block, but nobody confirms they received it.  The warning is there just for this kind of situation, where for some reason you have connections, but they have gone dead and nobody can hear you.  Your block will never become valid because nobody received it.