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The Bitcoin Faucet is handling the slashdotting really well... except that I'm running out of coins to give away.  over 5,000 have flowed out of the Faucet since I refilled it last night.

Any of you early adopters who generated tens of thousands of coins back in the early days, are you willing to send a few to the Faucet to be given away so more people can try out Bitcoin?  I know that most of them are likely to be lost (I suspect there a lot of slashdot lookey-loos who won't stick around long enough to spend their 5 bitcoins), but if that's the case then that'll just increase the value of your other bitcoins, anyway...

Fountain donation address is:  15VjRaDX9zpbA8LVnbrCAFzrVzN7ixHNsC

Depending on donations and how long the slashdotting lasts, I might have to start giving away bitnickels...
Thanks for the donations... whoever you are who donated!

The Faucet has about 2,000 coins in it at the moment; I just deployed a new version that will automatically start giving out bit-nickels if the balance falls below 500 (but allows anybody who gets a bit-nickel to come back later and get the 5 bitcoins "they deserve" if/when the Faucet is refilled).
You can have the 5 you gave me back.  I just wanted to see how this all works and all and hopefully, I will have some coins popping up every couple of days.  Smiley

Thank you for running a great program/incentive!  I appreciate it!
Thanks Xavier!

To everyone else:  the Faucet is now giving out bit-nickels; it just went under 500 BTC.  I've got just under 2,000 BTC left to refill it, but I think I'll start letting it drain a nickel-at-a-time and keep it above zero for as long as I can (refilling it to just under 500 if it gets near zero).
i send my 5 coins back right after i got them,
was a great way to check our system and still is a great way for new "potential customers", to test us.

regrettably i havent been around back in those early days, but i'll gladly send all incoming 5coin credits back to you.  Cool
5 BTC seems like a lot these days, maybe the normal amount should be 1 or 2 BTC.

This is an important service so new users can at least get something if generating is too hard.