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I like that in libraries for the external API's, but you can probably tell from the code that I'm not a fan of it for interior functions.  Big obligatory comment headers for each function space out the code and make you hesitate about creating a small little function where the comment header would be bigger than the function.  They're some trouble for maintenance, as changes to the function then require duplicate changes in the comment header.  I like to keep code compact so you can see more code on the screen at once.

To add them now at this point, what would be written would just be what's obvious from looking at the function.

The external API we have, in rpc.cpp, the usage documentation is in the help string.

Sorry to be a wet blanket.
It's in init.cpp.

It's a wxWidgets app, so it doesn't have a main() function.  It may in a little while, since I'm pretty close to making bitcoind build w/o wxBase.  (it'll be in init.cpp)

Sorry about my choice of the filename "main.cpp", another possible name would have been "core.cpp".  It's much too late to change.  I still prefer main.cpp.

We're still in great need of sample code showing the recommended way to use the JSON-RPC functions, like for a basic account system on a typical storefront website.  Using getreceivedbylabel using the username as the label, changing to a new bitcoin address once the stored one for that account gets used.  I posted a sample code fragment on the forum somewhere.  (search on getreceivedbylabel or getnewaddress)  The sample code could be a plain vanilla bank site where you can deposit and send payments.
I didn't realize you were going to document all the intentionally undocumented commands.  They're unsupported and not intended to be used by users.

All the user-facing commands are listed in the -? help.
They're only intended for intrepid programmers who read the sourcecode.