Bitcoin 0.3.2 released

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Download links available now on  Everyone should upgrade to this version.

- Added a simple security safeguard that locks-in the block chain up to this point.
- Reduced addr messages to save bandwidth now that there are plenty of nodes to connect to.
- Spanish translation by milkiway.
- French translation by aidos.

The security safeguard makes it so even if someone does have more than 50% of the network's CPU power, they can't try to go back and redo the block chain before yesterday.  (if you have this update)

I'll probably put a checkpoint in each version from now on.  Once the software has settled what the widely accepted block chain is, there's no point in leaving open the unwanted non-zero possibility of revision months later.
However, it's important that you don't lock all the way up the very latest block.  Otherwise, the attacker could generate a fake block (or a few) right before you happen to lock it, and then his attack would be far easier than it would have been without the block lock.
I went about 200 blocks back.  The block chain was a clean straight line without branches, and there was only one known version of the locked block.

Also, I'm assuming that the block lock means that the blocks will also come prepackaged with the client.  Is this so?
Sorry, not yet, but I do want to make the initial block download faster.
The change list is basically encompassed by what's listed in the first message.  Everyone should upgrade to get the important security improvements.

Minimizing to tray had at least 3 different glitches and bugs on Linux, including a crash one, so I disabled it again.  You can still re-enable the option with "-minimizetotray" if you want to use it anyway.  The bugs/glitches are somewhere in wxWidgets or GTK or Gnome and I don't know how to fix them.  Sorry, I just don't know what else to do, it's just too glitchy and buggy to have as a mainline feature.