overflow bug SERIOUS

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Here's the preliminary change.  Look right?  I have more changes to make, this isn't all of it.  Will SVN shortly.

    bool CheckTransaction() const
        // Basic checks that don't depend on any context
        if (vin.empty() || vout.empty())
            return error("CTransaction::CheckTransaction() : vin or vout empty");

        // Check for negative and overflow values
        int64 nTotal = 0;
        foreach(const CTxOut& txout, vout)
            if (txout.nValue < 0)
                return error("CTransaction::CheckTransaction() : txout.nValue negative");
            if (txout.nValue > 21000000 * COIN)
                return error("CTransaction::CheckTransaction() : txout.nValue too high");
            nTotal += txout.nValue;
            if (nTotal > 21000000 * COIN)
                return error("CTransaction::CheckTransaction() : txout total too high");

        if (IsCoinBase())
            if (vin[0].scriptSig.size() < 2 || vin[0].scriptSig.size() > 100)
                return error("CTransaction::CheckTransaction() : coinbase script size");
            foreach(const CTxIn& txin, vin)
                if (txin.prevout.IsNull())
                    return error("CTransaction::CheckTransaction() : prevout is null");

        return true;

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Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

It would help if people stop generating.  We will probably need to re-do a branch around the current one, and the less you generate the faster that will be.

A first patch will be in SVN rev 132.  It's not uploaded yet.  I'm pushing some other misc changes out of the way first, then I'll upload the patch for this.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Once you have an update, you could download knightmb's block chain.  You'll want one that's old enough that it ends before block 74000 so the most recent security lockin will check it.  Can someone find the link for that? 

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Patch is uploaded to SVN rev 132!

For now, recommended steps:
1) Shut down.
2) Download knightmb's blk files.  (replace your blk0001.dat and blkindex.dat files)
3) Upgrade.
4) It should start out with less than 74000 blocks. Let it redownload the rest.

If you don't want to use knightmb's files, you could just delete your blk*.dat files, but it's going to be a lot of load on the network if everyone is downloading the whole block index at once.

I'll build releases shortly.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Don't update the block chain download.  When you take someone's block chain download, you don't want it right up to the end.  A somewhat old one is better so it can download and verify the most recent blocks.

tcatm's 4-way SSE2 SHA-256 is in the file sha256.cpp and already uploaded a few revs ago.

I just now uploaded rev 134 which is the makefile.unix that enables building with it on Linux.  If you build rev 134 on Linux now you'll get the -4way switch.

If you have problems building because of it, then edit makefile.unix and:
- remove -DFOURWAYSSE2
- remove obj/sha256.o from the end of these lines:
bitcoin: $(OBJS) obj/ui.o obj/uibase.o obj/sha256.o
bitcoind: $(OBJS:obj/%=obj/nogui/%) obj/sha256.o

The 0.3.10 linux build will have the -4way option when I build it.

Here are the patch downloads for Windows:

SHA1 16645ec5fcdb35bc54bc7195309a1a81105242bb bitcoin-0.3.10-win32-setup.exe
SHA1 4f35ad7711a38fe8c880c6c9beab430824c426d3

1) Shut down.
2) Download knightmb's blk files and replace your blk0001.dat and blkindex.dat files.
3) Upgrade to 0.3.10.
4) It should start out with less than 74000 blocks and redownload the rest.

Or if you don't want to mess with downloading blk files, you can just do this:

1) Shut down.
2) Delete (or move) blk*.dat
3) Upgrade to 0.3.10.
4) It redownloads all blocks, probably take about an hour.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

[edit] Just saw your post, I'll build one to less than 74,000 then, should at least save you technical people a few minutes of downloading the new chain.  Wink
Just leave the old one alone!  Older is better.  What block number is it?  Anywhere from 60000-74000 is good.  The one that you've had available for a while has been vetted and is the best choice.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Starting at 67000 is perfect.  

Yeah, at the moment you'll stop at 74638.  It should start slowly creeping up as more nodes upgrade and generate.

Linux build links below.

The Linux version includes tcatm's 4-way SSE2 SHA-256 that makes generating faster on i5 and AMD CPU's.  Use the "-4way" switch to enable it and check if it's faster for you.

Download links:

SHA1 16645ec5fcdb35bc54bc7195309a1a81105242bb bitcoin-0.3.10-win32-setup.exe
SHA1 4f35ad7711a38fe8c880c6c9beab430824c426d3
SHA1 e3fda1ddb31b0d5c35156cacd80dee6ea6ae6423 bitcoin-0.3.10-linux.tar.gz

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

I think that you should add something about this:
There must be a label on the client that show a warning message if needed Smiley
Now everyone have always to check the website, and I think that this is bad.
Agree, wanted to do that for a long time, haven't had time to do it.

For now, you could also subscribe to the bitcoin-list mailing list.  It rarely gets used except for announcements like this and major new versions.

Subscribe/unsubscribe page:

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Question about fallout:  I had a transaction that I submitted after the bad block, using the bad block chain.

What is the status of that transaction?
From what I can tell, my (updated) sending client wallet shows the deducted amount.

Will it get reincorporated into the fixed chain, and will the recipient be able to spend it?
Right, it will get reincorporated into the fixed chain.  The transaction won't disappear, it'll still be visible on both sides, but the confirmation count will jump back to 0 and start counting up again.

It's only if you generated a block in the bad chain after block 74638 that the 50 BTC from that will disappear.  Any blocks in the bad chain wouldn't have matured yet.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

I did all steps, now my client is 0.3.10 and it stopped at block 74638. Is all fine?
If you still show 74638 blocks then you aren't connected to any 0.3.10 nodes.  

For today, try adding these parameters: 
-addnode= -addnode= -addnode=


Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Most people running clients are not reading this message thread.  So...  Silly questions:

1) How will this continue to affect version 3.8.1 (pre-catastrophe) clients with bad block chain?
2) How will this affect clients that upgrade to 3.8.10 but don't remove their block chain files?
1) Once more than 50% of the node power is upgraded and the good chain overtakes the bad, the 0.3.10 nodes will make it hard for any bad transactions to get any confirmations.
2) If you didn't remove your blk*.dat files, you're not helping to contribute to that 50%, and you'll still show bad transactions until the good chain overtakes the bad chain.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

The bad chain is also slowed down as more nodes upgrade.

We've already generated 14 blocks since 74638.  The builds of 0.3.10 were uploaded about 2 and 3 hours ago.  Of the nodes I'm connected to, more than half are already 0.3.10.  I would say we probably already have more power than the bad chain.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

On Windows, findstr /c:"version message" debug.log

It looks like the bad chain was on block 74678 recently.  Can't wait to overtake it.

On the stats at  there's been 5 blocks per hour in the last 3 hours.  We had a difficulty adjustment about a day ago that should have put it back to 6 blocks per hour.

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

It looks like we overtook the bad chain somewhere around 74689.  0.3.9 and lower nodes have been responding with the current block number for some hours now.

That means it's no longer necessary to delete blk*.dat before upgrading.  You can just upgrade and it'll reorg away the bad block chain.

Thanks to everyone for the quick response!

Re: overflow bug SERIOUS

Un-upgraded nodes have the correct chain most of the time, but they are still trying to include the overflow transaction in every block, so they're continually trying to fork and generate invalid blocks.  If an old version node is restarted, its transaction pool is emptied, so it may generate valid blocks for a while until the transaction gets broadcast again.  0.3.9 and lower nodes still must upgrade.

The SVN now has the code we needed to automatically reorg the block chain without having to delete the blk*.dat files manually.  I knew I couldn't write that code fast and carefully enough yesterday, so I went with the quick manual option.