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Version 0.3.13 is now available.  You should upgrade to prevent potential problems with 0/unconfirmed transactions.  Note: 0.3.13 prevents problems if you haven't already spent a 0/unconfirmed transaction, but if that already happened, you need

- Don't count or spend payments until they have 1 confirmation.
- Internal version number from 312 to 31300.
- Only accept transactions sent by IP address if -allowreceivebyip is specified.
- Dropped DB_PRIVATE Berkeley DB flag.
- Fix problem sending the last cent with sub-cent fractional change.
- Auto-detect whether to use 128-bit 4-way SSE2 on Linux.
Gavin Andresen:
- Option -rpcallowip= to accept json-rpc connections from another machine.
- Clean shutdown on SIGTERM on Linux.


(Thanks Laszlo for the Mac OSX build!)

The SSE2 auto-detect in the Linux 64-bit version doesn't work with AMD in 64-bit mode.  Please try this instead and let me know if it gets it right:

You can still control the SSE2 use manually with -4way and -4way=0.

Version (SVN rev 161) has improvements for the case where you already had 0/unconfirmed transactions that you might have already spent.  Here's a Windows build of it:
That's nice, however the automatic 4way detection is not working on my Gentoo AMD 64 version client.

I still have to add the "-4way" switch.
Forgot to say, I suspected the detect might not work on 64-bit AMD.  I found it hard to believe but AMD reports a different model number in 64-bit mode.

Could you grep CPUID your debug.log and tell me what it says?  (and anyone else with 64-bit AMD)  And what AMD chip do you have?

Do all AMDs that support 64-bit have the better SSE2 hardware also?
Could a few people please run this special build?  It'll amnesty the dust spam transactions, which will clear up the 0/unconfirmed problem for now.  We really just need one block letting them through to clear up the previous transactions.  Post if you generate a block with this.

These are binaries only.  The linux version is 64-bit only.

SHA1 fb7c66270281ed058c570627cf7baff0bdc16e5d
SHA1 9fc44ea5f2109618073e2cfd887e2cc266eb31a9 bitcoin-

The linux 64-bit version includes a change to the cpuid 4-way 128-bit SSE2 autodetect for AMD in 64-bit mode, if you'd like to test that and see if that's better.
983 Mhash/s box.
Seriously?  What hardware is that?
diff -u old\main.cpp new\main.cpp
--- old\main.cpp Sun Oct 03 20:57:20 2010
+++ new\main.cpp Sun Oct 03 20:57:54 2010
@@ -2831,6 +2831,10 @@
     bool fUseSSE2 = ((fIntel && nFamily * 10000 + nModel >=  60026) ||
                      (fAMD   && nFamily * 10000 + nModel >= 160010));
+    // AMD reports a lower model number in 64-bit mode
+    if (fAMD && sizeof(void*) > 4 && nFamily * 10000 + nModel >= 160004)
+        fUseSSE2 = true;
     static bool fPrinted;
     if (!fPrinted)
@@ -2989,6 +2993,17 @@
                     // Transaction fee based on block size
                     int64 nMinFee = tx.GetMinFee(nBlockSize);
+                    //////// temporary code
+                    if (nBlockSize < MAX_BLOCK_SIZE_GEN / 10 && GetWarnings("statusbar") == "")
+                    {
+                        if (nBestHeight < 91000)
+                            nMinFee = 0;
+                        if (nBestHeight < 100000 && nTxSize < 2000)
+                            nMinFee = 0;
+                        if (nBestHeight < 110000 && nBestHeight % 10 == 0)
+                            nMinFee = 0;
+                    }
+                    //////// temporary code
                     map<uint256, CTxIndex> mapTestPoolTmp(mapTestPool);
                     if (!tx.ConnectInputs(txdb, mapTestPoolTmp, CDiskTxPos(1,1,1), pindexPrev, nFees, false, true, nMinFee))
diff -u old\serialize.h new\serialize.h
--- old\serialize.h Sun Oct 03 20:57:45 2010
+++ new\serialize.h Sun Oct 03 20:57:54 2010
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@
 class CAutoFile;
 static const unsigned int MAX_SIZE = 0x02000000;
-static const int VERSION = 31300;
-static const char* pszSubVer = "";
+static const int VERSION = 31301;
+static const char* pszSubVer = " test1";
ArtForz is already running with no fees, and he has 20-30% of the network's CPU power. The person who originally sent the broken transactions deleted his wallet, though, and the network has forgotten these historical transactions, so any transactions based on this won't confirm.
Transactions aren't accepted or displayed as 0/unconfirmed until your node has a path of transactions back to the block chain.

Any transactions in your wallet also have bundled with them all unrecorded transactions required to reach the block chain.  If you have a transaction that is displayed as 0/unconfirmed, then you have all the previous unrecorded transactions it depends on and you will also rebroadcast those transactions when you rebroadcast yours.

If a no-fee block has already been generated and hasn't helped, then I need to look at what's wrong.  It's a part of code that doesn't get much use.  They should be recorded in the wallets of everyone who has a transaction depending on them.

The person who originally sent the broken transactions deleted his wallet
Sigh... why delete a wallet instead of moving it aside and keeping the old copy just in case?  You should never delete a wallet.

It's running. Should find a block within 3 hours.
It may take a while to collect re-broadcast transactions.  It'll help if you can accept inbound connections so you'll be listening to more nodes.  Even if you find a block in 3 hours, keep it running continuously for a few days at least.
ShadowOfHarbringer, is yours faster with -4way?

If it is, then I'm thinking that any AMD that supports 64-bit has 128-bit SSE2.

The specialbuild version I posted here looks for model 4 or higher.  If yours is faster with -4way, then I should change it to always use SSE2 with any AMD with 64-bit.
Make sure you keep your node online so it'll keep rebroadcasting transaction b412a0.  It haven't seen it rebroadcast since 29/09/2010 16:41.