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Does anyone want to translate the Bitcoin client itself?  It would be great to have at least one other language in the 0.3 release.

All you have to do is get poedit and translate the po file I'm attaching to this post.  It's less than 750 words.

Updated bitcoin.po attachment for 0.3.1
Hurray!  We have our first language.  I uploaded it to SVN to go in with the 0.3 release.

I uploaded the 93% complete Dutch translation to SVN.  Thanks!
Thanks DataWraith!  The German translation is uploaded to SVN.

This is great, we've already got 3 major languages.
Ok here is the .po file for French. While I'm at it, I noted a couple of issues:

1. The "About" box didn't take the translation into account, it still displays the english version to me, even though the rest of the software is using the translated strings, and the .po file contains the translation string of the "About" box message. Same problem with the "Apply" button in the Settings window.
I need to give an updated .po file.

2. If an transaction's description in the list of transaction in the main window contains a diacritical character (such as "\u00e9\u00e0\u00e8\u00e7"), it's not displayed. I suppose the string is not being properly handled as UTF8 somewhere.
OK, this must be a problem somewhere, I'll have to take a look at it or one of the other devs can.

4. About the .po file :
   - There are a few strings in the .po file that don't needs translation (ie: "Bitcoin"). Maybe those shouldn't be inside _("...") ?
   - Others shouldn't be split. I can remember one message about transaction fee where the string is split in two to insert the fee value, where you could simply have put a %s. It makes the message harder to translate as I had to go in the source to find exactly what was going on.
   - Some strings have whitespace at the end or start, which necessity is very debatable, and it's easy to miss in PoEdit.
Many of the strings are in code automatically generated from uiproject.fbp where nothing can be done about these things.  I have a program I use to find all the spacing inconsistencies at the beginning and ending of strings in your .po file and manually fix them up before I upload them to SVN.
I uploaded an updated bitcoin.po for 0.3.1 attached to this message:

please use it if you're starting a new translation.

If you already have a po file, poedit can update it. 
- Get the src directory from the 0.3.1 release candidate posted in the development forum, any version will do:
- Make a subdirectory under src: locale/??/LC_MESSAGES
(?? could be anything really, "en" or your language 2-letter code)
- Put your .po file there
- Open it with poedit
- In poedit, Catalog->Update from sources

The key is that the src directory with the sourcefiles needs to be 3 directories up from the .po file.
I recommend to remove the download links at the bottom of the main page.
As you can see the links on the English page points to the new 0.3 release, but the other languages only contain links for the old 0.2 version.
There's a download box with the current releases on the right anyway, so why not remove the links from the translated pages.
I updated them to 0.3.0.

I am tempted to remove the download links from the other languages and only keep it on English.

They will need to be updated for 0.3.1 soon.  Perhaps there's a way for someone to manage the updating of the translated drupal pages.
Thanks for the Spanish and French translations!  The edited and updated .po files are attached.

I uploaded these to the SVN.
Thanks eurekafag, Russian translation added to SVN rev 160.
Where can I find the latest English .po file to keep the translation up-to-date?
poedit does it.  Either get the src directory from a release, or download it with SVN.  Place your .po file 3 directories deep under the src directory.  Open it with poedit and do Catalog->Update from sources.

So for example, you have:
src\locale u\LC_MESSAGESitcoin.po

Open bitcoin.po with poedit, do Catalog->Update from sources.  It looks for the sourcecode up 3 directories (..\..\..) from where bitcoin.po is.

This updates your existing .po file you already worked on and adds any news strings.  It may try to match close strings, so check things over and make sure it didn't make any bad guesses.

Make sure you use the .po file I uploaded to SVN or in a release, because I always fix up at least a few things.  I'm attaching your Russian one to this message.
poedit reorganised the file for some reason.  I re-ran update from sources and it put it back in the original order so it's fine now.  Did you run it on a drive where files aren't sorted alphabetically, like a FAT drive or USB flash drive?

Strings aren't added or changed very often.  It's months before enough changes build up.

I uploaded the changes.

This Windows build has the Russian translation in it:
The order matters not to the program, but it matters to me maintaining it.  If it jumbles the order of the .po file then I can't diff for changes.  I have to update all 7 translation files when I change the English text in the program, and it's easier when they're all in the same order.

I can still put it back into normal order by making poedit rescan it.

It is normal that untranslated strings are shown on top.

By the way, there are some similar lines that possibly may be replaced by one. They are very close by meaning and differs only by 1-2 words. Just a suggestion of course.
I know, but not easily without complicating the sourcecode.